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How it began:

The debut of this howling production has taken place on New Year's Eve of 2000 at Dóm square of Szeged. One may call it "the group of local blueslovers" as most of the musicians have been rambling on the path of blues for a long while. Beside the similar interest in music fellowship has also determined the members of the group. The name Blues B.R.Others refers to Blues Bell and Rambling Blues Trio which provide the core of the band as well as Other musicians participate.

It was planned as an occasional [onetime] production but soon it turned out that not only the musicians enjoy the shows damn good but on the part of the public they get fantastic reception as well - soon invitations came in force to other gigs and festivals.


Repertoire of the 10-members band mostly consists of soundtracks from the highly successful, iconic Blues Brothers movie amongst other well know songs of similar genres.


Phone : (+36) 30/330-3002